Fall Guys

Mediatonic has a lot planned for Fall Guys according to the team’s Lead Designer, but it may take some time.

Yesterday we got a sneak peek as to what we can expect from Season 2 of Fall Guys, but that isn’t the only thing that the team at Mediatonic is currently working on. Lead Designer Joe Walsh was the latest guest on Talk Guys a new talk show from Gary Whitta and Kate Stark. Gary Whitta created the hit show Animal Talking, a talk show which all takes place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

During the episode, Joe explained the plans that they are working on fixing and adding to Fall Guys that Stark later posted on her personal Twitter account. The top priority for the team right now is to incorporate an anti-cheat system with that being a major ongoing issue. For those unaware, those who cheat are able to float their way to victory. Other plans are to add new accessibility options including a colorblind mode and cross-platform capability. Another heavily fan-requested addition that is planned is custom servers so people can host tournaments without having to worry about strangers and, maybe even more important, players can maybe get that five-win streak trophy much easier.

Walsh was also asked during the interview whether or not we can expect Fall Guys to make its way to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with his response being simply “Maybe one day.”

Despite its lack of features and technical issues, Fall Guys continues to be a major success and has the potential to become even bigger with possibly being a Game of the Year contender once that conversation begins later in the year. We will continue to update you on what’s to come as more news comes out.


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