Fall Guys Season 2 Details Revealed!

Mediatonic shared the first details for Fall Guys Season 2 on Thursday during the Gamescom Opening Night event. The hit game that took over Steam in the past and has now dominated PlayStation as well is already moving ahead to its second season of content now that many players have progress to or almost reached the end of Season 1’s rewards. There will of course be some surprises packed into Season 2 that we don’t know about yet, but players have at least now gotten a preview of plans for the next season of content.

The Fall Guys world will take on a medieval theme during Season 2. Some of the rounds players are already familiar with will return again, but they’ll feature a much different look than we’re used to now. To complete the theme, skins like knights, wizards, dragons, and more will be available. Some of these cosmetics will be purchasable through the game’s shop that rotates different skins occasionally while others will be earnable through the season pass system that players level through during the season.

Reskinned Rounds

Joining those new cosmetics and reskinned levels will be rounds themselves. Some of the levels shown in the reveal trailer below showed players performing actions like pushing blocks into position to scale walls alongside others working towards the same goal.

New game modes and cosmetics always seemed like they’d be likely possibilities for the Season 2 plans. This event was only a preview of Season 2 as Mediatonic called it, so we’ll see more on it in the future. The second season of Fall Guys is scheduled to release in October.

Our first look at Fall Guys: Season 2 follows a meteoric rise in popularity the game experienced after it released this month. Some more recent stats released for the game showed that not only was it popular on Steam and Twitch, it was incredibly popular on the PlayStation 4 platform as well. It was so popular that it’s now been named the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time since it was free for PlayStation Plus subscribers during its launch month.


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