Ubisoft reveal massive changes to Rainbow Six Siege esports

Amid the reveal of Operation Void Edge and the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 reveal, Ubisoft has also revealed some exciting changes to the format, structure, and sustainability of its flagship esports title.

For starters, Rainbow Six Esports is making a concerted push towards better regionalisation. For many years now the different competitive regions of Siege esports – EU, LATAM, NA, and APAC – have been treated in broadly the same way, which creates lots of issues for regions like APAC where huge distances between teams makes scrimming very difficult. APAC is now being split into two divisions in order to address that issue with Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian forming a single, highly competitive, online league of 12 teams, while a separate division is formed in the Oceanic region...

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Rainbow Six Siege TS update includes big nerfs

Firstly, the patch notes say developer Ubisoft is increasing the aim-down-sight time for all weapons, as the current times are a little too quick thanks to a previous animation overhaul. Every weapon in the game will see its ADS time increase by 0.05 to 0.25 seconds, depending on what type it is.

Maestro’s nerf is also significant: Ubisoft is removing the ACOG scope from his ALDA LMG. The developer says: “We think the ALDA is powerful even without the ACOG and want to see if it’s removal will highlight its other great qualities.” Jager is another operator to be nerfed; his 416-C assault rifle sees its damage reduced from 43 to 38, as it currently “outperforms all other guns on defence”.

On the other hand, lots of operators are being buffed in the new update...

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